Tricks to Get Jackpot Capsa Susun

Tricks to Get Jackpot Capsa Susun

It is undeniable that currently the game of Capsa Susun is increasingly in demand by gamblers. Besides being easy to play, this game also provides a big Jackpot for players. But for some players, they definitely don’t really understand how to get the jackpot in the capsa susun game. Therefore, here we will provide some tricks to get the capsa stacking jackpot for all of you.

This game uses playing cards and can be played by up to four players at one table. Each player will get 13 cards. The players will be given time (generally 1 minute) to arrange the cards in their hand. Previously, please register for an account first at a trusted p2play judi pulsa online gambling agent throughout Indonesia.

To arrange the cards also can’t be wrong, the card with the highest value must be in the third line, then followed by the second and first rows. If the second sequence is greater than the third row, then the order will be declared false. Likewise with the first row to the second row.

Jackpot Capsa Susun Card

Well, for this Capsa Susun game, it also has a Jackpot which is arguably not easy to get. However, there are still tricks that can be done to get the Capsa Susun Jackpot. But before that, you first know the Jackpots available in this game. Please also read the list of sbobet gambling agents via the link in this article.

  • Royal Dragon
  • Dragon
  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House

Tricks to Get Jackpot Capsa Susun

Well, here we just give some tricks to get the jackpot capsa stack for all of you. Hopefully all of you can understand it correctly.

Play this situs qq online terpercaya game using normal capital. Starting from 100,000 to 1,000,000 and try to get to the table that is equal to your capital.

Play at hours that are almost the same as yesterday’s or before. Like, on Monday you play at 22.00 and above, then on Tuesday you also have to play around that hour, between 21.00 or 23.00.

Play on that account continuously, and if you lose you have to keep using that account. Why? because, usually accounts that lose as much as 150 and above will get a mega jackpot.

Keep playing even though you’ve won a lot. What this means is that you have to keep playing another time even though you previously won a lot and plan to stop playing. Like, Monday you win massively, in the next week you can also play dominoqq online again. Because it could be your luck will exist.

For the first time playing, it would be nice if you first enter a quiet table. Because usually on one table there will be a percentage of getting a Jackpot, if you immediately enter a crowded table, it could be that the percentage has decreased because the Jackpot has been obtained by other players. So, you could say that a quiet table has a higher percentage of getting the Jackpot.

Play at an online poker agent that is officially licensed. Because if you play at an unofficial agent, the Jackpot can be arranged by the agent. However, for official poker agents, this cannot be done because to get the Jackpot it has all been set by the game master so that each player has the same percentage to get the Jackpot.

That’s the trick to get the Capsa Susun Jackpot that we can provide. One more thing, the usual capsa game is also often referred to as Chinese poker for experienced players. Hopefully it is useful and can get the Jackpot if you follow these tricks. Thanks.