Top Online Canadian Casinos: Best Sites & Bonuses

Top Online Canadian Casinos: Best Sites & Bonuses

People will tell you that you can’t win at casinos. They also said you can’t run a 100 meters in 10 seconds until someone did it. The truth is, life is not that clear-cut and more complicated than dogmas and black and white thinking.

There are legitimate, reputable (according to us, best) Canadian online casinos out there who offer a real-life way of winning cash. Now, I won’t lie to you, casinos are a business. They are completely dedicated to making money on customers. Some of them cheat and just make it impossible to win by creating every obstacle in the world to stop you from taking your money out.

However! If all casinos in Canada were bad, the business would cease to exist, because no-one would trust them, meaning no investment. There is a good reason to visit casinos, and it is such: even though this really is a business meticulously crafted from scratch by professionals to extract money from people, it is still a business created by humans who are bound by the rules of the game.

Best Bonuses for Top Canadian online casinos

Like every existing system, casinos have strong places and vulnerabilities, and the outcome of your visit will simply depend on how well you use your time and which strategy you use Agen Casino Terbaik. If you know how casinos work, you can outsmart them and extract money from them. It’s just a matter of being smart enough. Think chess.

One simple example of using a good strategy: budget effectively and never put all your money into one bet. When you’ve reached your spending limit, walk away. Now, adopting that simple strategy (as opposed to just betting life’s savings on one pocket on the Roulette wheel…guess how that’s going to end…) will put you in a much better position. It’s just like that with everything else. Making money AND having fun is just a matter of making sentient choices.


Now, the first step on the way to making good choices is your choice of a Playtech casino. This Canada online casino review is your first port of call, so well done for making the right decision. Granted, casinos are businesses, but, in order to keep their reputation they have to stick to the rules. Breaking the rules means less customers and casinos going out of business and losing millions, so rules are taken seriously. One of the aspects of having regulations in place is that there are governing bodies designed specifically for the purpose of keeping casino customers safe. Keep in mind that I don’t go in for casinos without licenses, so there is only space on this website for casinos that have licenses (for instance, Baytree Limited). Licenses can be read and reviewed at any time in to time at all. rfbet99

In the end, remember that licensing is important. The world moved on since the 70’s when people gambled their lives away at casinos and had no-one to turn to for help. It’s a different world now. Now there are all kinds of bodies dedicated to keeping people safe. So use them. Con artistry is still rife, so never make deposits in casinos you don’t know and not sure you can trust, read the reviews and always check that the online Canada casino you turn to is legal and has a piece of paper with some legal credentials to show for it.

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Here’s one sign of goof reputation: reputable partners.

Microgaming is an uber-fantastic, neo-technological gaming world magnate (“If you eat, sleep and breathe online gaming like we do, you’ve come to the right place”). The best, or really, the only way to believe it is to see it, but, in any case, whether you are an awe-stricken neophyte or a seasoned believer, I am very happy to speak on behalf of Microgaming casino reviews on this website.
Netent is another action-packed power-wonder at the forefront of gaming, whom I also cordially invite you to be friends with.

Best bonuses

Canada is known for:

People never locking their doors because there’s virtually no crime.

“Twilight”, “The Incredible Hulk”, and “Titanic” filmed here.

It officially has cleanest air on the planet.

In a poll aptly named “Sorry, I’m Canadian, it was found that 90% of Canadians apologized when colliding with a stranger on the street.

Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Leslie Nielsen and about 100500 other comedians who won our hearts over the years proved that Canadian humor is fantastically awesome.

There are many wildly awesome things about Canada. Canadians call their two-dollar coins Toonies and make fantabulous highway food for road trips. I’m adding one thing here that is just as spirit-lifting as a whole toque full of Toonies (which it actually is) – and it is a set of Canada-exclusive bonuses.