The Release of the Newest Super10 Gambling Game from IDNPLAY

The release of the Latest Super10 Gambling Game from IDNPLAY which will be released on April 19 2018 has been known by several gambling players. Gambling players who use the IDNPLAY server as their trusted online gambling site must have known about the online gambling game that will be released, but not everyone knows, so at this point I will provide information about this latest game.

The Release of the Newest Super10 Gambling Game from IDNPLAY

First of all, the name of the game that will be released by IDNPLAY is called Super10 . The super10 game is basically almost the same as the samgong or three kings or sakong game because this super10 online gambling game was inspired by this game.

However, there is a difference between the two games, namely if in the samgong game the player pits the card against the dealer, then in the super10 game the player situs judi qq pits the other player so that only one player will come out as the winner.

Introduction of the New super10 Gambling Game

Because it was inspired by the samgong game, finally this Super10 game also uses playing cards as a playing card tool and only 3 cards will be distributed when playing it.

When playing the first process, all players place an ante bet (blind bet), the amount of ante depends on the table selected.

After the ante bet is placed above, 2 cards will be dealt first which will then enter the betting stage.

In the betting stage the game will be given several options that can be selected, namely check, raise, or fold in this stage.

After the situs qq online terpercaya  players have made their choice a third and final card will be dealt and will return to the final betting stage.

This betting stage is almost the same as the previous betting stage where there is an option to check, raise or fold, if all players have set bets then all cards of each player will be opened to determine who the winner is.

To determine the winner it is determined from the greatest value, namely 10.

The following are the values ​​of each card in the game Super10:

Cards 10, J, Q, K are worth 0 or 10

Cards numbered 2 to 9 are worth according to the numbers printed on the card.

Ace cards are worth 1

IDNPLAY’s Latest Gambling Game Release Promo

Of course, at the time of launching a new game, there must be a promo given when the game is released. Now IDNPLAY will provide several promos when the Super10 game is released, namely:

1. The TCoins you will get when playing situs poker online Super10 will be 2 X times when you get it.

This promotion will run from 19 April to 19 May 2018

2. Royal Super10 Combination Bonus

KKK, QQQ, JJJ Combination of Royal Super 10 with prizes to be given:

1. On the small table the prize to be received is 100,000

2. At the table the prize will be received of 200,000

3. At the large table and VIP the prize to be received is 500,000

The game must be finished and you don’t win because all your opponents fold.

Your super10 royal card combination must win the match played.

If all of the above conditions have been met, to claim the super10 royal combination bonus you must:

1. The player must record the number of the game period when getting the Super 10 royal.

2. Followed by opening the Super10 Promotion page within 72 hours and entering the player’s USERID, game period number and date of the indicated period.

3. Customer Service will verify the winning player card within 36 hours from the time the data is provided.

4. The bonus will be added directly to the player’s wallet after the data is given if the data stated is correct.

* Promotion will run from April 19-21 2018.

So much information on the Release of the Latest Super10 Gambling Game from IDNPLAY, I hope the information provided can be useful in this latest online gambling game.