Super10 Game Play Guide by IDNPLAY

Hello loyal friends who always follow . Those of you who always follow, of course, already know that IDNPLAY will release a new game called Super10. Now on this occasion we will provide a Super10 Game Play Guide from IDNPLAY which was released on April 19 2018 yesterday.

Super10 Game Play Guide by Idnplay

The Super10 game released by IDNPLAY is basically almost the same as the samgong or sakong game. The difference is if in Samgong or Sakong you are pitting with the dealer in this Super10 game against fellow players so that there is only one winner with the largest card value. What is the game like, let’s just take a look at this Super10 game

Complete Super10 Game Play Guide

To be able to play situs poker online this Super10 game you must have a gambling account that uses the IDNPLAY server, if you already have a gambling account, please enter your account and enter the game lobby and choose the Super10 game as shown below:

Lobby Courtyard

After selecting the super ten menu, all you have to do is choose which table you want to play daftar poker online, whether you want a small, medium, large or VIP table.

When entering the table and sitting on the game chair at the beginning of the game, each player will place a bet with the ante (blind bet) value as shown below:

Ante Bet

The table used is medium32 with a game period of 126 and with an ante value of 5,000 because there are 6 players playing this table, the total ante bet collected is 30,000 and is placed in the middle of the table.

After placing an ante bet, it will enter the betting stage at this stage each player will be given the option to raise, check or fold as shown below:

The Betting Stage

After all players make a decision, they will enter the showdown stage where all player cards are opened and which player has the largest card value wins the game round, as in the picture below:

The Showdown Stage

Player “KING4971” wins the round of games with the highest score even though player “LOSTBOY96” has the same score. Player “King4971” still wins because of the higher hand value. For more details, please click here .

Super10 Gambling Game Promos

Now because the Super10 game is a game that has just been released, of course there are promos given, namely:

1. The TCoins earned while playing Super10 poker online terpercaya will be 2x the time they were earned

This promotion runs from 19 April to 19 May 2018
2. Royal Super10 Combination Bonus

KKK, QQQ, JJJ Is a combination of super10

The game that is carried out must be completed and do not win because all players fold

Your super10 royal card combination must win in the game being played

If all of the above criteria are met then please claim the super royal combination bonus. You must:

1. Players must record the number of the current game period to claim the super royal combination bonus10

2. Please open the Super10 promotion page within 72 hours and enter the player’s USERID, and date from the period listed

3. Customer Service will verify the winning player card within 36 hours from the time the data is given.

4. The bonus will be immediately credited to the player’s account wallet after the data provided is correct

* Promo held from date; 19-21 April 2018

That’s all the Info on the Super10 Game Play Guide from IDNPLAY, I hope the information provided is useful to you. See you in the next article ^ _ ^.