Sakong Online Betting Guide

Another interesting gambling alternative called sakong online . Almost similar to Poker, Capsa Susun, Baccarat, or other card betting, but the gambling process is different. Sakong is known as an old school game because it appeared long before Indonesians started playing modern poker. Amazingly, Sakong appears on dominoqq deposit pulsa online gambling websites so that bettors can play it.

Often people ask about how difficult it is to win sakong online. They do not understand gambling guidelines and do not find a successful betting strategy. It’s no wonder that many Bettor Sakong have failed even though they lasted quite a long time as a membership on the official website. The biggest cause of failure is their ignorance of the pocket gambling guide.

First of all, Sakong gambling must be played through a trusted website. Because it is a rare card game , find the official bookmaker that provides the bet. Ask an acquaintance such as a friend to recommend a high-reward sakong broker and offer the most comprehensive guidance. Information on how to play and place bets is very important before looking for the main advantages.

Ordering Sakong Online Play Guide

The importance of sorting the online pocket betting guide so that the bettor is not confused is the first task. After registration, you should be given an informative guide in the form of tutorial articles starting from placing a deposit, sorting cards, issuing cards, withdrawing profits, etc. Pay attention to the order of Sakong games if played online as follows.

Login using your username , enter your pin password, then access the deposit menu. Its function is to fill your gambling dominoqq terbaru balance using rupiah cash for the first bet capital. Then make the transaction as directed by a trusted Sakong dealer and don’t make the slightest mistake. New Members are required to follow the deposit requirements because their account balance is still empty.
Followed by the first betting activity where Sakong requires placing a deposit according to the bettor’s wishes. Gambling capital has a minimum or maximum installation limit. Sakong has a unique rule whereby one player becomes a dealer, the rest as a normal player. You are dealt the same ration of cards with different values ​​because everything is shuffled first.
The point count is of three types. If you get a total value of 10, 20, and 30 then the winning money is multiplied by 2.While each card has its own weight value such as King, Queen, Jack is worth 10 or 0 without points. Whereas the ace is worth 1 and the other cards are worth the same as the number.
Sakong has the highest to lowest card order. Triple Ace is the highest combination to win pocket bets online . Triple King is the lowest order so the bettor has a chance to get it easier. Other combinations are found such as Triple Jack, Triple 10 and Triple Queen.

Sakong Uses Original Rupiah Currency

In fact, Sakong gambling has situs domino terpercaya been using real rupiah for a long time. This does not mean that you are gambling like land bets that take out cash. However, bettors first transact Rupiah into virtual points so that they can be used online. The order of how to deposit your money is done according to the applicable transaction guidelines.

You must have an account and access a trusted online Sakong website using your own username . It is not recommended that you order other people to access personal betting, let alone manage deposit transactions. Prepare first how much money to purchase deposits then select the DEPOSIT menu to fill out the purchase form.
The form contains some data that must be completed by the bettor. The first column usually states the full name of the bank account owner that you previously listed. Rewrite the account number based on the type of bank you want (Mandiri, BNI, BRI, BCA). Continue to fill in further data such as email, telephone, nominal deposits, etc.
Send the deposit transaction money using the method you want. Bandar Sakong officially has many transaction methods so that the bettor will feel easy when sending or receiving winning money. First, you transfer cash via ATM as usual. Second, use the m-banking or internet banking method without the hassle of visiting the nearest bank.