Poker Playing Tactics and Strategies

Poker Playing Tactics and Strategies

Poker Playing Tactics and Strategies

Check – Raising

If you are holding a very strong hand, you can act only with the check making the bet. The aim is to hope that your opponent makes the bet first so that you can increase the bet to increase the size of the pot and put pressure on your opponent.

For example, you are at the start (eary position) with AJ cards, AJ-flop, product 6, you check your two pairs, 2 opponents in the middle position and also check 1 opponent at the end of the bet, when you fill this. The action you lift. Using the check-raise allowed someone to hold a drawing card to pay a very high fee. In addition, this action will give you control of the game (attack and intimidation initiative).


Semi-bluffing is your special act of betting bandar sakong online terpercaya or relaunching the use of powerful drawing cards. This action allows you to win the pot then and there as the other opponent closes the cards, or you have caught the desired drawing card that has the best combination to win the biggest pot, of course.

For example, you hold Qh-Jh (a leaf) in last position, and the flop makes Qc-7H-3h, you have a low pair combination with a kick draw with a color. Currently, you have 2 outs to travel, 3 outs to peer / J trip and 9 outs to be on the same level. There are more than 4 people active in the pot, and they all make a check in front of you.
Your turn comes in, make a bet if you know your cards may not be the best right now. Your opponent who has a pair of 7 or 3 pairs is sure to fold this time, and if anyone makes a call then you are still the favorite to be the winner of sakong online terpercaya by having 14 outs being the best combination (Two pairs, travel, Flush and full house).

Free card

When you sit in the final position or the last to act, you can make a shot increase with the picture card holder. This action will have your opponent in front of you to check the current round of the round and you have the ability to check if the picture situs poker online terbaru you missed or make a bet if your drawing job. This special action will allow you to enroll the principal if the cards fail to develop or win the pot if the combination is successful. In addition, you can see for free on the map of the river, because when you take control of Turn (initiative). With this action, you also get a lot of information about the power card holder of your opponent after the flop you can use to