How to Play Sbobet

How to Play Sbobet

Guide on how to play Sbobet – 02.00 is the time of the match & Live is that the SBOBET matchhas a live bet. The hours listed are GMT +8, so to find out the hours of WIB, subtract 1 hour from Sbobet

The team with the red team name is the team giving HDP (ngefur)

The odds value in red and a minus sign is the Team that is subject to interest (tax)

  • Team A 0-0.5 1.020 -vs- Team B -1.090
  • Team A 0.0 -1.610 -vs- Team B 1,440
  • Team A 0.50 1.330 -vs- Team B -1,470

There are 3 fur’s (you are free to choose whichever fur you feel)

For red numbers, if you win, you will be paid according to the pair, but if you lose you have to pay PERCENT (think of it as a tax where the team that is favorite and has a high HDP price you dare to hold).

One example is like this:

How to use SBOBET

  • 0-0.5 = fur 1/4
  • 0.5 = fur 1/2
  • 0.5-1 = fur 3/4
  • 1-1.5 = fur 1 1/4

For HDP (handicap), O / U (Over / Under) & O / E (Even / Odd),

Black Meaning: If we lose, pay according to what we bet sbobet asia, if we win, we get more money than we bet (depending on the odds)

For example, the interest is 1,110 -> bet 100 thousand. If you win, you get 100 x 1,110 = 111 thousand, if you lose, you only pay 100 thousand

Red means: If we win, we will get the money we bet, but if we lose, we have to pay more (depending on the odds)

Examples of red flowers, the interest is -1.110 -> bet 100 thousand. If you lose, pay 100 x 1,110 = 111 thousand, if you win, you only get 100 thousand


Below the HDP column is the fur, which is 0.5-1. The team that is furred is always red. Whereas next to the fur there is a number -1.420, which means that Aston Villa’s bet (R) has interest of -1.420 & below that there is a number of 1,250, meaning that West Ham United (R) bet gets 1,250 interest

Example: we want to bet West Ham United (R) 100 thousand, just click 1,250 then enter 100 in the column that appears.

For example the result of the match is 2-1 because the fur is 0.5-1, the result is only 1 goal difference, then we lose half.

The calculation: (100 x 1,420) / 2 = 71

Likewise if we bet Belarus, we win half (half)

* If the match is won by Aston Villa (R) by a difference of 2 goals or more, then we will win in full, which is 100 thousand

O / U

Over Under, under the O / U column there is a rate / fur for O / U, namely 2.5-3. This means that if you bet Over, the result of the match must be over 3 goals (4,5,6, etc.), if the result of the match is only 3 goals (3-0, 2-1, etc.), we win half (half).

Meanwhile, if you bet Under, be correct with over. The total goals must be under 3, if the total number of goals is 3, then we lose only half (half).

If the O / U is 3.50:

Final result 3 goals -> play under Win, play Agen Sbobet Terbaru over Lose

For interest calculation, it is the same as HDP.

O / E

Odd / Even (even / odd), we only choose the final result of the match, the number of goals for both teams is odd or even. Kei calculation is the same as HDP

1 × 2

Under 1 × 2, are the odds to guess to win, draw or lose. Just click the odds to place a bet.

Example: we pick Aston Villa (R) to win (regardless of the score), click the black number 1.610, then enter the bet in the bet column (for example, bet 100 thousand).

  • 1 = Host (home) -> means we choose the host to win
  • x = Draw -> means we choose the match to end in a draw
  • 2 = Away -> means we choose the guest team to win

For example the match result is 3-1

The calculation: (1,610 – 1) x 100 thousand = 61 thousand. So we won 61k

* For calculation of winnings, all odds must be reduced by 1 dl. If the result is a Draw / Win West Ham United (R), we will lose 100 thousand


The goal of dr HT / FT Daftar Sbobet Murah betting is to guess the results of the first round match & combine it with the match results at full time (the match is over), so it is called HT / FT (half time / full time)

Here is an example of HT / FT odds in the Premier League match

  • H = Home -> Home team wins
  • D = Draw -> The result of the match is a draw
  • A = Away -> Away win

If there is HH, it means that the first half is won by Liverpool (regardless of the score) & at the end of the match, Arsenal will still win the result (regardless of the score).

Example of HH match results, the first half score 1-0, after the match the score remains 1-0.

Example of HD match results, first half score 1-0, finish match score 1-1.

Example of HA match results, first half score 1-0, finish match score 1-2.

  • DH = Draw, Home
  • DD = Draw, Draw
  • DA = Draw, Away
  • AH = Away, Home
  • AD = Away, Draw
  • AA = Away, Away

For winning calculations, equal to 1 × 2 & mix parlay, all odds are subtracted by 1 first then multiplied by the number of bets.

For example HH, odds 1.58, if your guess is correct, the calculation is as follows:

(1.58 – 1) x number of bets


Mix Parlay means a package bet with a minimum of 3 parties

In 1 package if 1 game loses then it is counted as losing.

If it is a tie then the team that tied does not need to be counted.

Calculate parlay: Just multiply the value of the three teams you choose axbxc or the calculated Odds Value multiplied by the number of bets.


Package containing 2 teams who lose half

It means that the Team Value 2 does not exist and the stake must be divided by 2.

(Lose Half example):


FT Score 2-0


pick = A @ -1.00 / 1.770 (Full Win)


FT 0-1


pick = C @ 0.75 / 2.030

(Losing half so, the value of 2030 does not exist)

Calculation: 2,030 – 1 = 1,030 divided by 2 = 0.515

E -vs-F

FT 0-0


pick = E @ -0.25 / 1,800 (Losing half a score of 1,800 doesn’t exist)

G vs-H

FT 0-1


pick = H @ -0.50 / 1.890 (Full Win)


If you bet Rp. 100 thousand

1,770 x (0.5) x (0.5) x 1,890 x 100 – 100 = -16.37

Example of a Package containing 2 Teams to win half

(Win Half)


A -vs-B

FT Score 2-1


pick = A @ -0.75 / 1.740 (Half Win)

Calculated values: 1.740 – 1 = 0.74: 2 = 0.37 So 1.37


FT Score 3-1


pick = C @ -0.25 / 1.900

E -vs-F

FT Score 1-0


pick = F @ 1.25 / 1.930 (Half Win)

G -vs-H

FT Score 1-3


pick = H @ 0.00 / 1.880


If you bet Rp. 300 thousand
[(1.74 – 1) / 2) + 1 x 1.9 x [(1.93 – 1) / 2] + 1 x 1.88 x 300 – 300 = 1,850.75

nb: Win value includes capital, so net win can be calculated by deducting the capital (1,850 – 300 = 1550).

Correct Score

The goal of Correct Score Situs Sbobet Asli betting is to guess the final result of a match.

Pick 1: 0 means the score must be 1: 0

Pick 2: 5 means the Score must be 2: 5 (Host 2 and Away 5)

* Not back and forth the score.

Fantasy Games

Fantasy game as the term implies, fantasy = not real

so there were matches that brought together the teams that were not competing at the time.


In the Italian league there is an ongoing match between AC Milan vs Napoli

in the English league Man United vs Fulham is in competition

example of a fantasy league in sbo Man United vs Milan on the same day -> obviously impossible right? hence it is called “fantasy”

To know how to win or lose, we will see the handicap. eg Man United vs Milan HDP 1/2

Score of the match AC Milan vs Napoli 2-1 & Man United vs Fulham 3-1

Then the result of the fantasy match between Man United vs Milan is 3-2

Because Man United scored 3 goals & Milan scored only 2 goals in the real match.

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