How to Play Ceme Around Online

How to Play Ceme Around Online

How to Play Ceme Around Online at a Poker Agent-The steps to playing Ceme around online can be called easy. Because in essence, the steps to play are almost the same as other domino qiu qiu games. Being for those of you who have been trained to play qiu qiu games like playing city ceme or bandarq, it will definitely be so easy to adjust in playing ceme around.

Nowadays, there are so many poker agents who are setting up a ceme game around. This is because the ceme game enthusiasts are growing day by day. Therefore, for those of you who are interested in taking advantage of playing online betting, it doesn’t hurt to try this game which is quite popular.

Mobile ceme games have become popular in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam since the beginning of 2015 to become a variety of ceme games. There are several names for this game. It is not only known by the name ceme traveling, sometimes residents also say the game bandar or bandar 9.

The interesting thing about the mobile game is that all situs qq deposit pulsa players can take turns to become a dealer because of their non-existent nature. Being a dealer, there is a minimum chip that you need to have. This minimum chip is different in each room you play. From the small room to the largest room.

Well, for those of you who are interested in learning how to play this fun game poker bonus deposit terbesar, in this article we will complete the tips and techniques for playing ceme around.

Tips for playing ceme around

Either a small room or a large room, the traveling ceme can only be played situs judi poker online terpercaya from 2 to 8 players. Similar to other qiu qiu games, each player will get two cards including the dealer. A new game can be started when one of the players acts as a dealer. If there is no dealer, the game cannot be started.

As mentioned above, if this game is so similar to the dealer game, ceme. So please read the steps for playing ceme dealers for more complete tips.

After you place a bet on a game session, you will get two cards and have the opportunity to see (save) your cards. You can also choose to open the card directly to the table. In cases like this, you will contest the value of your card with the value of the bookie card.

If the dealer has a card that is higher or equal to the value of your card, the dealer will win and have the right to withdraw your bet. But if your card is higher than the bookie card, the dealer must pay you some of the chips that you installed initially.

The value of the cards in the mobile ceme game is obtained by adding up two dominoes. In this case, the highest number of cards is 9. If the total number of your cards is more than 9, only the back number is counted.

For example, you get a card with 5 circles and 12 circles which add up to 17, so the value of your card is 7. So next.

What you need to recognize is playing in a dealer place and where players have their respective disadvantages and advantages. Even though being a dealer has its advantages, it must also challenge 7 people at the same time. That means, if the bookie card is bad, the dealer must pay all players who have a higher card from the dealer.

But there is one thing that players benefit from, namely:

  • Pay twice as much as the dealer
  • Players have the opportunity to get paid 2x from the dealer if:
  • Players who get a card value of 9 (qiu) an odd number of 1, 3, 5 or 7. So the dealer has to pay twice as much.
  • Players who get a card value of 9 (qiu) an odd number of 2, 4, or 6. So the dealer only pays 1 fold.

The Difference Between Ceme and Ceme Around

The basic thing that distinguishes traveling ceme from regular ceme is the city spot. In the game, the city ceme is still in shape and cannot be replaced before the dealer will decide to stand. While in the ceme around all the players can feel the sensation of being a dealer in turns.

However, not all players have the right to become a dealer. Because only a few players have met the prerequisites. As already mentioned above, if there is a minimum chip you need to bring along to be a dealer in a mobile game. If you don’t have enough chips, the scheme will automatically forget your turn.

How? So easy right? For those of you who are interested in playing on How to Play Ceme Around Online at Poker Agents, there is no mistake trying this one game.