How and Guide to Playing AduQ

How and Guide to Playing AduQ

We have to understand how and how to play aduQ beforehand so that we are not wrong in this aduQ game because for some lay people this is very important so that they can help them know how to win and play safe without having to use emotions sometimes someone plays domino qq without patient and usually leads to uncontrollable emotions that are bad for yourself because the initial capital / deposit runs out and you can’t play anymore and in general we encounter this game in dominoes where the game only uses two cards, maybe according to some people who already experienced in the field of gambling, this is very easy to be different from ordinary people, this is very difficult, how to read the card that is held, for sure he wants to ask, but if he asks, his opponent will definitelyknow what card he is holding

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We really understand that, therefore we will try to help you, there are some steps that we must understand first


The basic steps that must be understood are how we understand the work system in this aduq in this game which is decisive is the number of cards that are distributed small cards or big cards and this game can be played with a maximum of 8 people at one table before that. we will learn how we are not too passionate / emotional when playing daftar domino qq in games, in general, there must be loses and wins, the same thing in playing at ADUQ, what we need to do is to hold back our passions, maybe we think that winning at the beginning will definitely win, then until the end to the point that we forget to remember to hold back a little lust if we are carried away by this desire we play carelessly as if we win then it is not certain that what follows is trying to change tables this also affects because in general some people just want to be at the tablewhich according to him brings hockey / luck to explain more clearly these are the initial steps for playing ADUQ:

1.Before we enter the game, we will first select a table that we will sit on while playing, choose a betting table which we think can bring luck for us, we can first find an empty betting table so that we can sit, generally it is not easy, usually there are many The winner who first fills the empty seat, we must be faster so that the betting table we choose is not filled by other people

2.after we choose the betting table that we want we will start playing agen domino qq the dealer will distribute cards for us to play, usually two cards that will be distributed in each game

3.In every round we are required to take part in betting and the dealer on a table with another table is different from one another

4.After getting a card that has been distributed, we will try to count the number of circles / red dots on the card that we get so that we know the value of the card we get, the value is high or low and generally the highest value is nine and if you get right the value of ten then the card will be counted zero (0)

5. is not easy but for beginners this is very difficult but often time we will understand and what if in the game we get the highest score with the same value then we will be counted from the highest log

AduQ Cards in the Game

We have to know the value of the cards that are distributed by the dealer because for the early days they certainly did not understand the value of the cards which we will explain here, it is not too difficult for us to understand, we need to know the value of each card and logs from the smallest to the the biggest

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The example is in the game that we will play in ADUQ online

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1.Player A’s card is 0/0 + 0/4, it will be counted 4, while PlayerB’s card is ΒΌ + 0/2 then it will count 7, then the winner is Player B where the value of Player B’s card if the number is greater than that of the player B

2. If player M has cards 2/2 + 1/1 = 6 of the value of the numbers and player O has cards 0/4 + 0/2 = 6 then the winner in this case is player M because in the card he can have Two log cards, right in player O’s card, cannot be logged cards, there are only general cards

3.player W has cards 4/5 + 5/5 = 9 and player Q cards 6/6 + 6/2 = 9 then the winner is the player with the largest log card holder is player Q where he gets the biggest / highest log card of all the existing log cards These are some examples of the value of the cards in the ADUQ game that we must understand so that there is no mistake in this game which according to some is very easy but for beginners this is very difficult for you.