History of the Game of Capsa Susun from the Past

History of the Game of Capsa Susun from the Past

Capsa Susun, of course, the word is familiar to all of you who like online gambling games or who have never played online gambling, of course you know this gambling game that uses playing cards but do you know how the history of the game of Capsa Susun from ancient times can there is ?

History of the Game of Capsa Susun from the Past

In accordance with the title of this article, I will discuss how the history of the game that is very popular with these people.

Early History of the Game of Capsa Susun from the Past

Many historians estimate this playing card game idnplay poker88 is an evolutionary creation of the chess game uniform played by shepherds around West Asia. While shepherding they played chess using concrete.

However, other experts argue that the capsa susun game is an evolution of the ritual serona of communicating with many gods. Four sticks or arrows marked with four different symbols are thrown onto the altar. Which wand was diminished was what the nun interpreted as the god’s cry.

The first cards in Europe (Italy) were called tarot cards (tarrochi) or lifeline tablets because they were shaped like tablets and were used to predict the line of life. The oldest tarot cards, dating back to 1470 in Lombardy, consist of 50 cards. Tarot also evolved in Venice tarot cards into 78 cards including a card called il matto (the moron) which is thought to be the forerunner of the modern joker card.

Then the card game was only limited to the bourgeois or aristocrats considering the high price because it was made by hand. Until the discovery of the copper plate printing technique in the 1800s and it became increasingly known to Germany, Italy and France, which eventually became playing cards daftar idnplay poker88 with various ways of playing.

History of the Game of Capsa Susun Now

Then internationally the game of playing cards with the name Capsa Susun is known as Russian Poker. Capsa itself is known by two forms of idnplay poker88 online playing methods, the first is called capsa banting and the second is called capsa susun.

Then the capsa susun has several names, for example in Mandarin the capsa susun game is called Sap Sam Cheung which means 13 cards. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, the capsa susun game is called Xap Xam Chuong. Whereas in its home country, China gave it the title Luosong Pai Jiu or Russia Pai Gow because the capsa susun had a relationship with Pai Gow and the United States called it the game of capsa susun with Chinese Poker.