Fixed Limit Holdem Poker – Tips to Win Playing Poker

Fixed Limit Holdem Poker - Tips to Win Playing Poker

Fixed Limit Holdem Poker – Tips to Win Playing Poker

1. Only play hands from premium (AA, KK, etc.), regularly in each game, you will see the flop is not more than 20-25% only. So let’s say 100 times the hand, you only play 20-25 times, usually winning a percentage of almost 100%. Why is it? Because we only play cards that have the highest preflop winning percentage, failing when holding a card is usually always the winner’s favorite until the river card is opened.

2. Choosing (table), avoid tables that tend to have a strict and aggressive type, as this table will yield you little profit. Also note that there are some poker domino88 players who have advanced on the table, avoid them because they “read your game and take your stake” further if you play with them. Look for a table that is not tight (loose) where players are likely to see a flop of at least 30%. This data can be seen in almost all online poker choice tables, there are statistics for each table, see the flop percentage. With a high percentage of seeing flop, for example 70%, which means that at the table there are players who are not disciplined and play almost all the cards they face. Here are easy target players for you to beat.

3. Make sure to always calculate the pot potential when drawing, otherwise call, otherwise cover your cards simply because if you force the shots you will incur huge losses. (A game of poker is a game of maximum profit and not a game of competing for courage or for show).

4. Make sure to measure the relative strength of the cards in your hand against your opponent’s cards every time you turn a regular card (the card in the middle of the table / turn-river flop). The ability to train to predict what cards your opponent is holding at that time, the way is by observing the behavior and habits of the opponent you are calling, betting and raising kumpulan situs poker online terpercaya awareness. For example, a normal person would bet and keep going up if they were holding the best hand at that time. If the person seems doubtful, it is likely that he or she doesn’t have a combination of one of the cards in the middle of the table.

5. In relation to number 4 above, try to remember the type of game your opponent is playing at at the time. Always ask your heart: what card is taken if it has been raised / reraised? Still calling if the card is weak? How can he play a pocket pair (a pair of cards in a hand, eg AA, JJ)? How does he draw? Type in the card he plays on the phone / advance early? Type in the card he played at the check – raise?

6. Always bet or raise if the card in your hand guarantees it, don’t just be passive by just making a call. Texas Holdem outline game structure is drawing. So if you then most likely have the best card combination, then don’t let your opponent draw to develop the card combination for free, making them pay to beat the cards you have.

7. Always play cards that have a kicker (companion card / leg eg KJ will win against K-10 if both have good K pairs). Playing a card with a weak kicker costs you a fortune 99 online poker, because usually you don’t want to give up because you think the card is the best of times and it turns out that during a fight you lose the kicker.

8. If the conditions allow, when you are in late position when only a few opponents want to come see the flop, do steal (steal) the pot with whatever card you are holding right now by raising. But before doing so also make sure the type of player who is trying to see the flop. If one of them is a loose type player, you shouldn’t steal, because he will call you and discomfort afterward with your current cards.

9. Make your game varied so that your opponent is difficult to guess (read) your game. For example, just call while holding the card. Make these variations on preflop and flop to obscure your type of play for your opponents.

10.Do fold (close the card) at the right time, it will save a lot of capital. Don’t shoot when you’ve actually lost. KQ, flop A-3-9, one of your opponents bet. Here your opponents tend to catch aces and beat your cards. You can only win if you draw a “runner straight” so that the flop raises a hand of 10 and J, it is very unlikely that this will happen.

11. Don’t bluff a lot, do bluff if you really believe that your opponent doesn’t have a card combination on the table and you know the habit if you don’t have a combination it will fold.