Chances of winning online soccer betting

Chances of winning online soccer betting

Fans of football matches will definitely volunteer to watch the match live, even through television or mobile devices. Moreover, the match that takes place is a favorite team, they will definitely try to find ways to enliven it. Well, one of the events to enliven a football match is to place online bookie betting bets. There are many advantages that you can get from winning online soccer betting.

However, before making sure to place online soccer betting bets, you have obligations, such as predicting the odds of the two competing teams. That way you can predict which team will win the match. Especially if you get help from the gambling market in online sportsbooks, which are guaranteed quality and safety. Predicting the outcome of the match cannot be done by looking at the quality of the team alone. It takes careful consideration so that you can get maximum results.

The Count of Gambling Opportunities at the Best Online Sportsbook Soccer Bookies

When talking about betting gambling games at online bookies, the analogy is to flip a coin. The results obtained are comparable, 50%: 50%. Likewise with football matches as a medium for placing bets, which have various possibilities. Especially if the match that will take place brings together big teams. So it will be difficult to determine which team will win. It is different when a big team is against a small team Agen Bola Indonesia, the chances of winning are leaning towards the big team. Although it cannot be used as a benchmark for placing bets too often.

There are tips that can provide more accurate results in online soccer betting games. These tips are to calculate the odds of winning and losing. Although it is not easy, but if you are willing to practice then the results will be satisfying. The way that professional bettors often do is to calculate odds with odds. Well, below is listed how to calculate odds using odds.

Normal Odds

Normal odds will provide opportunities for you when you have a team that will compete normally. What this means is, Normal Odds are activated in big matches which give small voor. For example, suppose you place a bet with a capital of 100,000 for Manchester United with odds of 1.75. Then MU gives voor to the opposing team, think of Arsenal. Well, Arsenal have bigger odds than MU odds. Let’s just say the bet you place wins for MU, then the nominal winnings you get is calculated according to the formula: 100,000 × 1.75 = 175,000 rupiah or 275,000 rupiah if you add the betting capital. nova88 deposit pulsa

Odds Mix Parlay

Mix Parlay bet type odds are high and provide the opportunity to place bets in one package. For example, suppose you place a total of four matches: The odds of four games are multiplied. It’s the same when you put five to eight matches.

Four games with a stake of 50,000. The Odds scores consist of 1.65, 2.1, 1.73, and 1.37, respectively. The odds of four matches are multiplied: 1.65 × 2.1 × 1.73 × 1.37 = 8.21 × 50,000 – 50,000 = 360,500. The results are what you get when you win the entire match.

1 × 2 odds

1 (Home), × (Draw), and 2 (Away). If you place it for Home (1) with a bet of 50,000 and Odds of 2.41. You win the bet, then the count is (2.41 – 1) × 500,000 = 705,000 / 1,205,000 (plus capital).

That’s how to calculate the odds of winning and profits from the best online bookie gambling games. Hopefully with this review it will make it easier for you to get your win. That’s all and good luck.